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Make your boating easier! Fit a Seawinch© capstan.

"Take the ache out of anchoring". Save your back, hands and heart.

Seawinch© anchor capstans have all the power you need, a fast rate of recovery and low battery drain. An automatic brake holds the load safely at all times. Seawinch© anchor capstans are the most simple form of powered winch, easy to install and require minimum maintenance.
With thousands in service as anchor winches, Seawinch© capstans are also popular for recreational craypot recovery. Nilsson have developed and manufactured capstans in New Zealand for nearly half a century.

Use Seawinch© anchor capstans in boats which have a short length of chain spliced to a long length of anchor warp or for pot hauling.
Seawinch© capstans are all fitted with an in line multi stage self balanced gearbox. This allows the winch to be installed in one piece with no alignment worries and easily adapted to any deck thickness by fitting longer or shorter deck studs.

Seawinch© motors are all high quality, purpose built and heavy duty rated.  Seawinch© capstans are available for 12v or 24v DC power systems. For large craft we also offer hydraulic and AC powered drives.
C400 Anchor and Pot Hauler Capstan
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The most popular choice for boats to around 7 metre.
CH400 Foot Mounted Capstan
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Horizontal above deck with enclosed motor for boats to 7 metre.
HSC400 Anchor and Pot Hauling Capstan
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A higher speed option for very fast hauling in boats to 7 metre.
C800 Anchor and Pot Hauler Capstan
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For boats to around 11 metre
C1600 Anchor and Pot Hauler Capstan
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For boats to around 14 metre


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