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Warranty for all products

Our Seawinch© winch range of products, except motors, seals and switch gear, is covered by a 3 year return to factory warranty against defective workmanship or materials.
Motors, seals and switch gear are covered by a 12 month warranty against defect.

Our warranty does not cover damage due to improper selection, usage or poor maintenance.

If a fault occurs during the warranty period DO NOT remove any parts or attempt a repair. Remove the winch and motor in one piece from the boat and return it to your point of
purchase with evidence of purchase, problem experienced and as much detail as possible about the installation.

Safety with winches

Always use "Deadman" switches. This type of switch has to be held "on" by the winch operator and will cause the winch to stop when the operator releases the switch.

The winch operator should always be able to see the winch while operating it.

Keep hands and feet well away from a winch while it is working.

Do not allow children or untrained operators to operate a winch.

Keep all persons away from under the load while operating the winch in either direction.

For safety, all Seawinch© powered winches are fitted with an automatic brake which will stop and hold the load. Seawinch© powered winches will not run backwards under load (If specified, they will power in reverse but stop and hold brake will still function.)

Seawinch© winches should not be used for lifting people unless certified by an appropriate authority.

Always have main power supply turned off when winch is not in immediate use.


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